Thursday, 8 November 2012

Car stunts made easy

1) Donuts stunt: You need a four-wheel-drive car, cheap tyres. This is braking either the front or the rear wheel and rotating the other one. Well it is fun as long as it is not yours or your parent's car. Turn the wheel until fully lock, clutch in+1st gear, do not release the clutch and accelerate up to 3,500 rpm, remove your foot from the clutch, keep accelerating until below the redline, you'll be making donuts with your car by now. When you feel dizzy, apply brake while your other foot is still on the gas, now you'll slow down enough to begin steering.

 2) Car Skiing: This is not to be mistaken with the winter sports and you would've watched in lot of action movies. However, a very dangerous stunt which is to be tried only if you think you'll never die in this eternal world. Inflate the tyres about 80psi on ground, Set up a ramp about 30 inches tall and 10 feet long, drive the normally inflated side of the car on the ramp, after you drive off the ramp, you need to prevent the car from rolling over by altering the speed but make sure you are above 25 km/h, reduce the speed to land the two wheels on the ground.

3) Popping a wheelie: This is mostly done in bikes than car. You can get this stunt done when the front wheels are in the air and extreme torque is applied to the back wheel. Run the four-wheel-drive for a few minutes, take reverse to get the feel for power, clutch in + 1st gear, lean forward, don't give it too much gas because it could flip over, do this as many times as you want.

More stunts coming soon…